Sheepey Inc - Mitsubishi Evo X Factory Replacement Intercooler

We're product to release our new Evo X factory replacement intercooler. This should help to cool down that new Sheepey Inc. Evo X turbo kit or even a factory setup. All of our intercooler cores are customer produced to our specs. We have done a significant amount of testing to determine which coolers cool and flow the best. This cooler comes with a 2.5" Inlet. You have a choice between 2.5" or 3" outlet depending on the turbo you're running.

We offer this cooler in 2 thickness for different power levels:

  • 3" Thick Core - Up to 700 HP
  • 4" Thick Core - Up to 850 HP

All Intercoolers have a current lead time of 10 business days (M-F), before shipping. Once the item has shipped, you will receive a tracking number via the email provided.