Since many of you ask about the parts we use on our drag car, we decided to put together a gallery and spec sheet below! Enjoy.
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-Strada 3 piece front end 

-CCC Racing rear wing 

-Strada CF roof plug 

-Color: Golden teal metallic 



-Kirky aluminum race seats 

Custom billet B series camshaft as staging brake 

10 point Crome moly cage 

MoteC SDL digital display dash 

MoteC SLM digital shift light 



-2.0L GSR 

-Arias 84mm 11.1 compression 

-GRP Aluminum rods 

-87mm crank 

-Golden Eagle o-ring  sleeves 

-TD Autowerks headstuds 

-Sheepey INC spec Web pro series camshafts 

-Supertech valvetrain  

-CNC 5 axis head work by Mission Critical Performance 

-Skunk2 prototype intake manifold 

-Skunk2 90mm TB 

-Forced Performance 72mm turbo

-Sheepey INC Outlaw turbo manifold

-Sheepey INC custom Garrett intercooler setup

-60mm Wastegate



-Weldon 2345a fuel pump 

-FCS 3 gallon tank 

-Golden eagle fuel rails 

-Weldon FPR 

-Injector Dynamic 2000cc x 8 injectors 



-PPG Dog Box 

-Comp Clutch triple disc clutch


-Skunk2 Pro C with custom spring rates 

-Skunk2 Black series control arms  


Wheels & Tires: 

-Belak 13x10 beadlock fronts with M&H 25x9.5x13 tires 

-Belak 15x4.5 rears with M/T 25inch tire 



-Custom Rywire  Motorsport electronics MoteC wirings 

-MoteC M880 ECU 

-MoteC CDI - 8 Ignition CDI 

-MoteC SDL Display dash 

-MoteC SLM shift light 


Best ET/MPH 8.70 @ 179.4 



-Web Camshafts 

-T1 Race development 

-Injector Dynamics  

-Compitition Clutch 

-Syncrotech Transmissions 



-Golden Eagle MFG 

-Chris Miller Racing 

-FTW Racing fuels 

-Belek IND. 

-Rywire Motorsport electronics 

-Forced Performance 

-FCS Fab 

-Mission Critical Performance 

-CCC Racing 

-Ososik Media 

The images on this page were provided by:  The Sauce Spot