• Sheepey Built is Hiring!

    Posted by Alex Soto

    Sheepey Built is looking to add a new member to the gang!

    Department: Fabrication

    Position: TIG Welder

    Employment Type: Full Time or Part Time

    We're seeking an experienced TIG welder to help our expanding team. Someone experienced welding downpipes, dump tubes, charge piping, and other aluminum.

    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Experience TIG welding in automotive applications
    • Welding Aluminum
    • Thin Wall Stainless Steel
    • SCH40 Optional
    • MUST be an automotive enthusiast

    The successful candidate will have 2+ years of TIG Welding experience.  Other important skills include – detail oriented, ability to work independently and prioritize workload.

    Anyone interested, please email alex@sheepeyinc.com. Please include as many images of your work as possible. Images do a lot of talking. Welding certification is not required.

    Full Time qualified applicants are eligible for relocation assistance. We also provide all of the welding equipment you'll need. No need for your own!


    Your seat is waiting for you!


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  • Cover of Honda Tuning May 2013 issue!

    Posted by Alex Soto

     Sup guys,

     I know its been a while since we've updated, well we haven't updated since we first launched our site. We are extremely proud and happy to have landed cover of Honda Tuning with our SFWD integra. This is our 5th cover with our OWN car and couldn't be any happier. Make  sure you go and pick up your copy and support print!

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  • Fall Nationals!

    Posted by Frank Venezia

    Sheepey broke the world record for small tire SFWD running a 8.7 @ 179 mph. 

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